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Watch the recorded Morning talk from 5/4 about what’s going on in Brunnshög

People in armchairs talking to eachother. Photo.

The recorded video of the February Morning Talk is now available with swedish end english captions. Note that the english translation is automatically generetad – a technology that we help develop by using it.

Go straight to the recorded video of the 5/4 Morning Talk

Instruction: watch with or without captions

  1. Click the following link to open the video player in a new tab in your browser:
  2. Click on the gearwheal in the lower right corner of the screen to open “settings”. Click on “captions” and choose language. Please note that the english translation is automatically generated and may contain errors.
  3. The captions can now be turned on and off by clicking on the symbol for captions (in between the symbols for settings and volume).

More information about the content of the talk: Tuesday 5th of April. Morning talk at the Science Village office: what’s going on in Brunnshög

April 12, 2022

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