Lund University Science Village office

The Faculty of Science's and LTH's joint project office for LU's Science Village establishment

Watch the Lunch Talk: opportunities and challenges for LTH and the Faculty of Science

On Friday 28 October, we were joined by Annika Olsson, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), and Sven Lidin, Dean of the Faculty of Science, to talk about the opportunities and challenges of establishing the Faculty of Science and LTH in Science Village. Where are we in the decision-making process? What dreams do Annika and Sven have for our extended campus – and what risks do they see with the establishment? They talk about this and much more in the video below.


Captions in both English and Swedish can be selected in the settings (‘the gearwheel’). Please note that the English translation is in part automatically generated, a technique that gets better the more we use it.

Talks at the Science Village office

The Science Village office offers a series of talks with invited guests that address topics related to Lund University’s Science Village establishment but also campus development in general. The moderator is Eva Åkesson, Coordinator of the Science Village office.

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November 8, 2022

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