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The Science Village office welcomes newly appointed Faculty Coordinators

Charlotta Turner (on the left) and Knut Deppert (on the right) are newly appointed Faculty Coordinators working with the Science Village office. Photos: Private

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Establishing elected parts of the Faculty of Science and The Faculty of Engineering (LTH) in Science Village means a unique opportunity to develop the entire campus and Lund University. An important part of the establishment work and the tasks of the SV-office will be to ensure that the development within both faculties takes place in a coordinated manner and in line with the overall establishment process. In order to achieve this, coordination is required between faculties, institutions and departments.

In order to carry out this important task Faculty Coordinators, one from LTH and one from the Faculty of Science, have been appointed. The coordinators will to work together with the Science Village office, both towards an establishment in Science Village and the further development within chemistry and physics at the two faculties.

The Science Village office would hereby like to present and welcome the newly elected Faculty Coordinators: Charlotta Turner, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Knut Deppert, Professor at Solid State Physics, LTH.

How do you see your role as a Faculty Coordinator at the Science Village office?
— My role as a Faculty Coordinator will be to play a key role and act as a catalyst for strategic development in regards to the future chemistry and physics operations Science Village.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
— I am really looking forward to meeting with both people within and outside of Lund University, and how we, with shared energy and enthusiasm, can overcome barriers to eventually achieve desirable goals within our organization.

How do you view your role as a Faculty Coordinator at the Science Village office?

— The establishment is a complex process that requires a lot of coordination between faculties, institutions, departments and individual research groups. My contribution is to support everyone involved to ensure that the establishment is as successful as possible. The most important thing for me is to create added value for everyone who establishes themselves in Science Village.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
— I look forward to working with the entire Science Village office, including my fellow Faculty Coordinator Charlotta Turner, on this exciting assignment. I am also thrilled about the fact that we are now finally getting this process started.

Contact information for the Faculty Coordinators

Charlotta Turner, Professor of Analytical Chemistry
The Faculty of Science
Email: Charlotta.Turner(at)
Phone: +46 46 46 222 8125 and +46 (0)706 222 752

Knut Deppert, Professor at Solid State Physics
The Faculty of Engineering (LTH)
Email: knut.deppert(at)
Phone: +46 46 222 95 20; +46 (0)70 252 49 47

The official tasks of the Faculty Coordinators:

> Support the faculty managements with the strategic work in the business development, mainly in chemistry and physics,
> Prepare documentation for the Science Village office in the various phases of the establishment,
> Contribute to increased synergies between the faculties and departments regarding undergraduate education, research and support activities,
> Support the operations strategically in their work with the production, revision, modification and completion of working materials based on future needs concerning Lund University’s establishment in Science Village,
> Ensure contacts and interaction between the various working groups, departments, faculties and its managements.

Download decision from LTH and the Faculty of Science in regards to the Faculty Coordinators and their work with the Science Village establishment – PDF

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