Lund University Science Village office

The Faculty of Science's and LTH's joint project office for LU's Science Village establishment

Open House 17 November 12.30-15.30

LEGO placed on a map. Photo.

Welcome to Open House at the Lund University Science Village office! We are opening the doors to the office at IKDC on Thursday 17 November between 12.30-15.30. Where are we in the establishment process? What happens next? And how big are we going to build in Science Village?

Come and share your thoughts, build Science Village with building blocks, look at maps, have coffee with us and ask questions. Everyone is welcome!

What: Open House at LU’s Science Village office
Where: Ingvar Kamprad Design Center (IKDC), Sölvegatan 26
When: Thursday 17 November at 12.30-15.30 (drop-in)

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November 9, 2022

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Open House Science Village office

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