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The Faculty of Science's and LTH's joint project office for LU's Science Village establishment

Hello there! Eva Åkesson, Coordinator for the newly established Science Village office

Eva Åkesson. Photo: J. Olsson

You have been commissioned to lead the joint Science Village office – what has happened since the office opening in July?

We are pleased to open the Science Village office here at Ingvar Kamprad Design Center (IKDC). Despite summer and holidays, we have already had the opportunity to present the office work and mission to different people and groups, both within and outside the university, who follow the development with great interest. We have also met with student representatives who are positive to continued dialogue – a strong student influence is important for this to be successful.

When the pandemic restrictions are removed, we look forward to more visitors who want to discuss Science Village and share their expectations and concerns. Of course, we also want to come and visit all those who are affected and learn more about their needs.

Everyone in the office works full time and the focus right now is on getting everything from business plans, recruitments, desks and computers, to internal work processes in place. If this project office is going to be able to deliver on par with expectations, it is important that the office gets the basics in order in a clear and transparent way.

Read more about the office and its mission: New project office continues work to establish Lund University in Science Village

Which activities will be the most important for the office in the coming months?  

The most important thing for us now is to get started for real. We want to create synergies and get the establishment work between the Faculty of Science and LTH to be in line with each other. There is a lot to be gained from working together, and we want this to be a catalyst for finding new ways of thinking and working together. Supporting the faculties with necessary information on the next establishment stage, i.e assisting the management to make informed decisions about who / what / how will be established in Science Village, will be central in the upcoming months.

It is also important that the fundraising work starts. The Science Village office has the privilege of having Karin Ulfsdotter Crépin as part of the team since the first of September. She is employed as Senior Advisor for strategic partnerships and fundraising at LTH, with placement at the office. In fact, she has already kicked off her work for Nanolab Science Village (watch video below.)

The office also wants to create a good collaboration with the newly established Campus Development office and we think we will be able to complement each other in a good way. And finally, work is underway to put together a joint schedule with LU Building that describes the steps we must take to create a new and visible building for Lund University in Science Village.

There is a lot to get started with and we have had a flying start. Everyone at the Science Village office is looking forward to this interesting and exciting assignment and we will do our utmost to be the best possible support for the faculties in this work.


Keep an eye out for “Coffee in the office” this fall!
This fall, the Science Village office invites you to online conversations with various guests. The talks will address topics such as: procurement strategies, visions and goals for Lund Municipality, the region and the university for the establishment of the Science Village and much more.

The office’s first guests will be Per Mickwitz, professor of environmental policy and pro vice-chancellor for research, sustainability and campus development together with former vice chancellor Sven Strömqvist to talk about campus plans. Sven led the work of developing the current Campus Plan 2012, so what lessons does he have to convey to Per, who now has the task of leading the work of developing a new plan?

Keep an eye on the blog for time, date and how you register for the conversations. Welcome!

More information
Do you want to get in touch with the office? We are very happy to present our work.

Eva Åkesson, Coordinator
E-mail: eva.akesson(at)

Carina Jarl, Senior Project Manager and Assisting Coordinator
E-mail: carina.jarl(at)
Phone: +46 46 222 03 35

Karin Ulfsdotter Crépin, Senior Advisor fundraising and strategic partnerships
E-mail: karin_ulfsdotter.crepin(at)

Office e-mail: svkontoret(at)

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September 21, 2021

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