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Back to school… what happens now?

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We at the Lund University Office hope you had a great summer. Welcome back!

We have compiled a report for the Faculty Boards at LTH and the Faculty of Science to approve the scope proposal, which will then be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor in October. The report consists of a summary of consultation responses with SWOT analyses, risk analysis, a PM on fascilities and financing, and an analysis of the current situation and assessed development, including consequences for the establishment in Science Village.

The consultation responses and the risk analysis have been discussed extensively at the Faculty of Science and LTH in various constellations.

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What’s next?

The Vice-Chancellor can then instruct the faculties to continue the investigation and provide data with activity descriptions, planning of the premises, and preliminary room data sheets in collaboration with LU Building. Thereafter work will begin on preperaring for landlord procurement. Read more about public procurement in the fact box below.

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If you want to book a meeting, get a presentation, ask questions etc, email us at:, or see more contact details at Contact the office.

About public procurement

Public procurement shall ensure that organisations within the public sector open their purchasing to competition. This is to ensure that tax funds are used as effectively as possible and that businesses within the European Union can trade with public sector stakeholders on equal terms.

For major procurements, which entail a duty to advertise, the public is also given insight into the process and how their taxes are being used. In other words, it is easier to check whether purchases are made for business rather than personal reasons.

Source: The National Agency for Public Procurement

August 22, 2022

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