Lund University Science Village office

The Faculty of Science's and LTH's joint project office for LU's Science Village establishment

About the office

The Science Village office’s mission is to offer support to the Faculty of Science and LTH to optimize their establishment in Science Village and at the same time support the new opportunities that will arise on the present day campus.

The office opened on 1 July 2021 at the Ingvar Kamprad Designcentrum (IKDC) and is headed by Professor Eva Åkesson, former Vice-Chancellor at Lund University and former Chancellor at Uppsala University.

The office works to contribute to the university’s vision of environments in interaction, renewal of the university, increased research progress, increased interdisciplinary strength, new education programs, inspiring study environments – and a rich student life across the whole campus.

The keywords of the Science Village office are:
– Increased synergies
– Transparency, participation and clarity
– Utilization of internal and external expertise
– Improved education with a strong research affiliation,
– Sustainability

The office is open to anyone interested in learning more about Lund University’s establishment in Science Village.

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Contact the office
E-mail: svkontoret(at)