Lund University Science Village office

The Faculty of Science's and LTH's joint project office for LU's Science Village establishment

A Christmas greeting from the project office

During the fall of 2021 two Faculty Coordinators, a Senior Advisor for strategic partnerships and a Communications Officer have all joined the Science Village Office.

Everyone are already busy at work, which will be more visible in spring when it’s time for the important strategic decision on the scope of stage 2, but also for how stage 3 and 4 might look.

A lot of things are happening at the same time. The other day, we at the Science Village office joined a group of research engingeers for a very interesting tour of Kemicentrum. We look forward to more meetings and visits to better contribute to the establishment in Science Village.

In 2022, a lot of focus will be on visits with the organization and to establish dialogue with key people. The Faculty Coordinators in particular have a very important assignment ahead.

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We are looking forward to all exciting things in 2022!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes from the Science Village Office

Standing from left to right: Karin Ulfsdotter Crépin, Senior Advisor for strategic partnerships; Carina Jarl, Senior Project Manager and Assisting Coordinator; Eva Åkesson, Professor and Project Coordinator; Charlotta Turner, Faculty Coordinator, Faculty of Science; Cecilia Schubert, Communications Officer (on parental leave); Knut Deppert, Faculty Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering. Added to picture: Linnea Mörth, Substitute Communications Officer.
December 20, 2021

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